Gay Geeks After Hours (GGAH) is organized and maintained by 100% volunteers, without which none of this would be possible. Although we consider all of our group members to be an essential part of the team, we would like to acknowledge our group Administrators and Moderators.

Admin: David – Founder of the Group. Disney nerd and obsessed with weird history.

Admin: Mike – your resident Science Geek.


Admin: Moe Russell – your least favorite senpai. Mother of the house.

Admin: Larry – comic book geek, and professional coffee drinker.


Admin: Adam – resident sensei coming at you from the future. Language geek into cartoons, Overwatch and writing.

Admin: Kingsley– A PC gaymer who plays mostly competitive games such as Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, and Apex Legends. Other more casual games includes Wizard101 and Dead by Daylight. When he’s not focused in gaming, Kingsley loves working out and focusing on his fitness goals to build self-control and self-discipline. He also enjoys writing about anything that comes across his mind to build his imagination and creativity as well as write informative and descriptive articles to inform readers of certain topics.


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